Carly got her mission call! We are so proud of her! Love you girl!!! PREACH THAT GOSPEL!!!



Alrighty! Well, we haven’t posted in a while so we’re just gonna letcha know real quick how we’re all doing and what we’re up to!

Stevie- Stevie is still up at BYU Idaho with out the rest of the crew, but having a wonderful time! This is her second semester up there. She’s got the best new roommates and has the same FHE brothers as last semester. She’s busy with classes, but is still having a blast. She’ll be half way through the semester on June 5.



Carly- She is getting her mission call this week! That’s right people. THIS WEEK! She is so excited! Where do you think she’ll go? Carly has started her own blog, which ya’ll should follow. Here’s the link: It’s about waiting for her missionary and the perks of being a missionary girlfriend. Isn’t that so sweet?! She’s the cutest. Carly also started a job at Albertsons, and got to go on a vacation to San Diego with her family and got to touch starfish.


 Isn’t she just the cutest little worker?ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


Emma- She isn’t up to much. Just waiting and preparing to leave for her mission in 23 days! Did you catch that? 23 DAYS!!!! She’s freaking out. Besides waiting she’s spent a lot of time at Disney Land, substituting for early morning seminary, and helping in a second grade classroom. She’s enjoying having nothing to worry about. Emma has also made her own blog. The link is here: Most of the blog will consist of mission stuff. Her parents will keep up the blog while she’s gone and post emails and pictures. 


Disney Land with her daddy!ImageImageImageImageImage

Packin’ for the mish!Image



Well there you go! That’s what’s up!

Here are some pictures from the last few times we were all together. 🙂



Well, have a wonderful day!!!